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Name: Snares
Joined: Nov 20, 2010
Last Sign In: Dec 05, 2010
Country: United States
There's only one way to describe this talented individual, Great. he goes by the name "Snares Bleu" born September 16, 1981 as Lawrence Jackson on the East side of Detroit Michigan. Snares been into music since he could crawl, as a young child he picked up rhythm at an early age singing,dancing, as music advanced so did he, by the age of 10 a light bulb struck he wanted to do music. He begin teaching himself how to Dj, he was impressed with the art of it an he new if he wanted to do music this would be the best way to learn the rhythm of it perfectly. by the age of 15 he started Rapping, nothing serious just free styling for friends, till some spoke about him being good at the art then he took a liking to it which set him well on his path to becoming a producer. by the age of 21 he had his mind made up he wanted to become just that, he started out teaching himself. might i add that this great individual not only became good at everything he's done but all an all he taught himself everything he knows. by 27 he has became a great producer working with some of the greats artist such as. J kwon & Gino Green from Hood Hop Music, International Pop Artist Robyn Z, Great Songwriter an R&b artist CeCe G, Miss B/ MsBhavin, R&b sensation Kwei Music, Nappy Boys Royal T Rap queen, Frozt-Bytes own ThaboiFreeze these are just a few........ there will be official updates on his success status an collaboration's!!!!!!!

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