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Tech Review Articles:

Logitech G5 Mouse Review

The Logitech G5 mouse is a great piece of technology. I have owned this mouse for over a year and never had a problem with it. It is simple to use and set up. Just plug in the USB to get started immediately. The software installs easy and provides simple controls over the set...
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Wacom Bamboo Pen Review

A while ago, I received the Wacom Bamboo Pen. This set includes both the drawing tablet and pen. This is one of Wacom’s beginner tablets as they have much more expensive and sophisticated tablets. I have been very pleased with this tablet and the software that comes with it.
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Upek Eikon Fingerprint Scanner Review

The Eikon Fingerprint Scanner by Upek is a phenomenal piece of technology. It is sleek, easy to use and reliable. I have never had a problem with lost passwords, or refusal to login. This device is also very accurate and has kept out at least 20 of my friends that thought they...
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