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Upek Eikon Fingerprint Scanner Review

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The Eikon Fingerprint Scanner by Upek is a phenomenal piece of technology. It is sleek, easy to use and reliable. I have never had a problem with lost passwords, or refusal to login. This device is also very accurate and has kept out at least 20 of my friends that thought they could trick it.

Lets get into what this device can do. It has two major functions. Its first priority is protecting your computer from unwanted access. It achieves this by activating when your computer is put in standby. Next to the password box that you might normally have, there is a convenient fingerprint icon. Click this icon and swipe your finger and you are logged in.

Its second major function is that it can allow for instant login at websites. Any website with a form can be registered to save the password and username information. This way, when you get to a website, you swipe your finger and are instantly logged in. The time that this device can save is immense. If you are frequently using a computer or own a website, you will be logging in and out of sites all the time. Some websites do not provide a “remember me” function for security and it is nice to not type in your password every time you close your browser.

As I said before, this device is very easy to use. Swiping your finger at anytime will bring up a window allowing for registering passwords, changing registered sites, etc. Keep in mind that all of this is secure because you must swipe your finger to access it. It is much more secure than a notepad in your desk. This device also allows you to register multiple fingers in case of an injury. The only downside to my knowledge, is that you can not register different accounts on one website using different fingers. This has not been a problem for me because I usually only have one account on a website. I have not every had any trouble getting the device to work. It has worked reliably on my Vista operating system running Internet Explorer.

This is a great piece of technology that will save you time and frustration from typing in passwords. It is secure and easy to use. It looks great and is simple to install and maintain. Lastly, it will impress your friends and co-workers and make you feel like you have some sort of spy equipment. I would put this at a definite buy for anyone that spends the majority of their day at a computer.

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