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Wacom Bamboo Pen Review

By: RiverCityGraphix      Views: 6677      Share: Bookmark and Share

A while ago, I received the Wacom Bamboo Pen. This set includes both the drawing tablet and pen. This is one of Wacom’s beginner tablets as they have much more expensive and sophisticated tablets. I have been very pleased with this tablet and the software that comes with it.

The tablet has an active area of 5.8" x 3.6" and works for both Mac and PC. The design is sleek and simple. The tablet itself has no external buttons such as some of the upgrades, but the pen does have a two way selector. These buttons can be set to do just about anything within the software that is included.

The software that comes with the Wacom Bamboo Pen is very easy to use and install. There is adequate training included incase you have trouble with setup or operation. Within the software, there are many options for sensitivity, clicking, etc. these can easily be accessed by the icon in your toolbar, or by small desktop overlay.

This tablet is very easy to operate. Once it is plugged in, you just pick up the pen and go. You can move the mouse across the screen by slightly hovering the pen above the active surface. When you want to click or draw, you simply do it as if you were using a pencil. This device also has a writing application included in the software. This allows you to write messages, signatures, etc for use later or for conversion into text. After you play with it for a little while it starts to recognize your style and more accurately determine words.

The most common use of this product will probably be in Photoshop or Illustrator. Within these programs, the tablet works excellent. It is very easy to set brushes and other options within these programs to detect pen pressure. With these options, you can work consistently without needing to change options. Just press harder or softer on the tablet to adjust your options. This product greatly saves time when drawing with brushes in Photoshop.

Overall, this is a great gadget to have especially if you do graphic or web design. You never really realize how hard it is to draw with a mouse until you have tried a tablet and pen. I would highly recommend this tablet for anyone that is starting out or does graphic design for a hobby. If you are going for a more professional tablet with more options and buttons, you might check out some of the other Wacom products. Overall, I am very satisfied with my Wacom Bamboo Pen.

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