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Dreamstime Stock Photography Review

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Stock photography is a must if you are creating any type of graphic, or web design. Stock photography agencies make it easy for you to get quality images quickly, easily, and cheaply. Dreamstime is a stock photography website that currently has almost 9 million images for download. It also boasts over 2 million users and over 90 thousand photographers. This is an excellent company to work with for both buying and selling images.

I have used Dreamstime for a little more than a year now. I started getting interested in Photography about a year ago and was looking for ways to make money from what I shot. I found out about stock photography and started looking into the agencies. Many agencies were very hard to get into and had a strict review process before you were approved. I didn’t have a portfolio of images or the patience to wait another couple months if I was rejected. I happened upon Dreamstime and was able to sign up and begin uploading immediately.

The uploading process is simple. It works just like any web FTP software. You upload your images, keyword them and then let them be reviewed. In a few days they are accepted or declined. Once you start selling them, there is a tier system which allows more popular images to be sold for more. This allows good images to rise to those buying them while compensating the photographer. I have only uploaded a few images over the last year, but to this day, I am still selling images.

For those of you that are looking for a place to buy, rather than sell, Dreamstime is also excellent. The website is based on a credit system. Images of certain sizes cost more, and more popular images cost more. Keep in mind that the smallest image size is way larger than you would need for the web, so you won’t pay too much. When you buy credits, you can buy individual packages, or a subscription which gives you so many images per day and is a better deal.

Keep in mind that Dreamstime is selling stock photos which means that they are copyright free to use in your work. They also provide extended licenses if you are going to be making a large number of copies of the image. For most people, the basic license will be enough.

Dreamstime is not limited to only selling images. There is a real community feeling about being on there. Any member can right blog posts and submit them for other members to see. Excellent blog posts will earn credits towards buying photos. Dreamstime also provides a support forum to discuss photography and other specifics. If you are looking to learn more about photography from the experts, I would recommend checking out those resources.

One of my favorite things about Dreamstime is that they have a collection of free images available for download. When a photographer uploads a photo, they have the option to “allow for free download” if the image is rejected. I have found some excellent images in the section that I have used in tutorials and other projects. The quality is slightly lower than what they accept, but many times I can not tell a difference. Once you size down the gigantic images that they offer, the defects are obsolete. If you are on a budget, look for images in the free section before you buy them.

Overall, Dreamstime is a great place to both buy and sell photos. I have been very pleased and recommend them to almost everyone that asks about photographs. Check them out by clicking the link below. Its free to join.

Dreamstime Stock Photography: Click Here

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