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Logitech G5 Mouse Review

By: RiverCityGraphix      Views: 1353      Share: Bookmark and Share

The Logitech G5 mouse is a great piece of technology. I have owned this mouse for over a year and never had a problem with it. It is simple to use and set up. Just plug in the USB to get started immediately. The software installs easy and provides simple controls over the settings. This is a great mouse for gamers, but can still be quite useful for searching the web. There are a number of features that makes this mouse one of the best.

The first feature is the multiple levels of sensitivity. Before I had this mouse, it was a pain to change the sensitivity. Most people leave their sensitivity in one place, but some tasks are just easier with a faster of slower mouse. The sensitivity on this mouse is run with the + and - buttons on the top slightly below the scroll wheel. By using the software, you can set three levels of sensitivity that you can switch between at any time. The mouse provides a small led display that displays the current level of sensitivity.

The next feature that makes me love this mouse are the buttons on the side. This mouse has two additional side buttons on the left of the device. These can be set to do practically anything you want. I currently have mine set as the forward and back for my web browsing. It really does save time when doing small tasks if you can create shortcuts.

In addition to the other features, this mouse has a unique scroll wheel. It can scroll both left and right and up and down. Just like the rest of the mouse, all speeds associate with scrolling can be set to your liking. As well as multiple direction scrolling, the wheel can also be clicked down. This adds an additional button and feature to your mouse. Just like the buttons on the side, this can be set to almost any task you would like. I have mine set to zoom when the button is clicked and be further controlled with the scroll wheel. I have found this to come in real handy when doing graphical projects in Photoshop.

If you are not convinced yet, donít worry because there is more. This mouse has a mean look to it with a scaly cracked look. The mouse is perfectly shaped and fits snuggly into your hand. I use this mouse daily and have never had any pain in my hand or wrist. Furthermore, the mouse slides perfectly. The bottom of this mouse is fitted with three Teflon pads which allow it to move quickly across any service. One of my favorite features is the removable weight compartment in the bottom of the device. This allows for you to add any amount of the included weights to more precisely tune your mouse. Lastly, the mouse is equipped with a gaming grade laser that registers any movement precisely. This laser is so sophisticated that it will detect even on glass.

Overall, this is a great gadget for anyone that spends significant time at a computer. It is comfortable, simple, and time saving. The software is straight forward and gives a large number of options to tweak to your liking. Check it out and let me know what you think. Online Full Color Printing