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Twitter Releases New Buttons

By: RiverCityGraphix      Views: 1728      Share: Bookmark and Share

Twitter has recently released new Tweet Button. You can find it by going to the bottom of any Twitter page and clicking on the Goodies link. You can also click this link: The new Tweet Button comes in three main styles. You can get the vertical button with a count, a horizontal button with a count, or a button without a count. The count is a very handy feature that keeps track of all the Tweets from that button. This feature helps you to easily see how effective your buttons are and gives a great graphical representation to encourage user participation.

Along with choosing the button you will have displaying, you can also set the Tweet text, URL, and language. The Tweet text is set to a default of the page title and the URL is set at default to the URL of the page the button is on. If your URLs are long like the ones on my site, the Tweet button also includes a built in URL shortened that will shorten links automatically.

The second set of options allows you to include a follow function in your button. After a Tweet is sent, the user will be able to follow your account as well as any others you include. This can be a great way to promote any other account you have or a related account. They also provide a spot for a short description of the related account. As a side note, all of this Tweeting and following is occurring in a popup so the user never leaves your site.

The last step allows for you to see a preview of your finished button and then copy the code for embedding. The embed is very easy and is as simple as copy and paste. If you would like to see an example of one of these buttons in action you can see the embed on my homepage.

Overall, this is a very simple but elegant button. I would recommend using it on some of your prominent pages. It can never hurt to have some social bookmaking and maybe a few extra followers along the way. Again, the link to check it out is: