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99 Designs Review

By: RiverCityGraphix      Views: 6167      Share: Bookmark and Share is a website that helps designers and clients work together to create amazing design work. In this review I will be looking at the different aspects of the site and the experience as both a designer and a client. This is definitely a site I recommend checking out if you are interested in freelancing or having a design made.

99 Designs’ tagline boasts that 99 Designs is “Design done differently.” From my experience this is most certainly true. 99 Designs works on a simple system between designers and clients. A client will go to the site and start a design project. The client will provide details on what they are looking for, the requirements, and any other pertinent information. The client also gets to specify an amount that winner will receive. Clients pay upfront and when they choose a designer the amount will be transferred. 99 Designs also offers a money back guarantee if the client does not receive a design they are satisfied with. For the client, this makes putting money down up front like less of a risk.

These clients are able to post projects in a number of categories from websites to business cards, to packaging designs. Once the design project has been created the designers will be able to create a design for it. After they create something worth submitting they can upload it and get feedback on the design. The client can give both star ratings as well as textual feedback. The benefit of this system for clients is that they will receive often over 100 designs for their project. Instead of hiring one designer in the more traditional way, you could have 100 times that.

As a client, when you create your project you will want to consider the price you place. Higher paying designs will usually bring more designers. But as a designer for 99 Designs I often look for lower prices because the competition will be less intense.

From a designer perspective the site is very nice. There are no requirements. You can sign up for free and design whenever you want. Clients do not select designers, designers select clients. With this freedom you can select the projects you are most comfortable with.
I won’t string you along; the projects are not easy to win. There are a lot of competitors and you don’t’ always get adequate feedback from the clients. I always look for projects where the client has been giving ratings and feedback before I enter.

Luckily if you are not a big fan of competition you can create stock logos and sell them in the 99 Designs logo store. There, clients can pick from premade designs and purchase them. When a client buys a design, the designer is required to make the changes such as the company name in a set amount of time for the sale to go through.

99 Designs has a great reputation for being fair to both clients and designers. I have never heard of anyone not getting paid or paying for something sub-par. It really is a great experience to try at least one project. It is a great way to practice working with clients, build a portfolio, and earn some extra cash.

According to 99 Designs there is currently over $333,000 up for grabs in projects right now. Most projects reward designers with $100s of dollars as there is a set minimum for clients to pay.

Overall 99 Designs is a great place to get design work done. It is also a great way to earn some extra cash. Good luck and check out 99 Designs with the link below.

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