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Adobe Master Collection CS5.5
 flash photo gallery
 by singhkhalsa - Jun 03, 2011

Hi everyone,
I saw this simle flash pic gallery video tutorial.. so my question now it possible to add more images to same flash... to be more clear, lets say i made this photo gallery and i finalized it, but now after some time i need to add more images to tht same gallery, is it possible?

Thanks :)

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 RE: flash photo gallery
 by RiverCityGraphix - Jun 03, 2011

Hi singhkhalsa, welcome to the forums!

Yes, it is possible to add more images to your gallery as long as you still have the .fla file. The swf is the published file and is not editable as it is. I have heard that they can be decompiled, but it would be much easier if you had the original file.

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 RE: flash photo gallery
 by Olly1814 - Aug 08, 2011

Hey, I don't know if this is the right topic to ask this but I'll go ahead anyway ^^ I was wondering if it's possible to make a variant of a photo gallery:
On the webpage there would be a list of image thumbnails, and when you click on one it grows bigger and covers the screen, and when you red cross it you come back to the list. Basiclly the same idea as Facebook if you know what I mean. Thanks a lot, hope to get a answer soon! :)

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 RE: flash photo gallery
 by lukeluukeluuuke - Oct 07, 2011

Hey Olly, you could pretty easily do this in Flash and I think there is actually a tutorial on RCG to help you with that. However, if you are wanting to create something like Facebook's gallery method then I highly recommend using LightBox 2. It is a piece of javascript that does exactly what you are looking for, its easy to implement to your websites (there's a easy to follow tutorial on the website), it works on all browsers and finally if you don't know, flash is not supported by iPhones etc etc but LightBox 2 is. Infact, if you are creating any interactive thing for the web you are better off using javascript, that is expect for things such as: Rich Media Interaction Applications (Interactive learning programs such as seen on BBC bitesize).

Hope this helps :)

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