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 Help! \' My Poor Logo, Needs Help \'
 by mooapo - Jan 18, 2012

Hi, how are you doing?

People, and fellow RCG members, I need help with my Logo.

I have created a WordPress Blog, and decided to deign my own Logo. And to be honest, I am not much of a Graphic Designer. But hey, I tried.

Anyways, I have the Logo completed, but I really need it cleaned up some. I am not wanting a new Logo, I just need it fixed so to speak. I don't if my ( Layers, Paths, and other Do -Daads ) are right.

Is there anyone who can help me out?

Thank you....

Wannabe Graphics Guy !
United States
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 RE: Help! \' My Poor Logo, Needs Help \'
 by VI - Jan 21, 2012

Hi, i don't know whats there happened, but maybe i could help :/ show me what u have

Joined:Jan 21, 2012
 RE: Help! \' My Poor Logo, Needs Help \'
 by RiverCityGraphix - Jan 21, 2012

Thanks for volunteering VI. :D If you could post a link to the image it may help us to know what you need and what it looks like.

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