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Adobe Master Collection CS5.5
 The Slider Website
 by KB - Feb 12, 2012

is it possible to do a tutorial on how to get your website to work like this


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 RE: The Slider Website
 by RiverCityGraphix - Feb 13, 2012

These sites are most likely using jQuery to create this functionality. I recently did a tutorial on how to install jQuery plugins into your site. There are hundreds of plugins out there that create sliding functionality so I'm sure that you can find something that would work.

If you find one you like and need help getting it to work, let me know.

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 RE: The Slider Website
 by Syke - Apr 08, 2013

Hi I was wondering if you could use the same process that you used in the video "jQuery Tutorial: Using jQuery Plugins -HD-" in a side bar. Because a tried to adapt it to fit like a vertical slideshow, but it shows al the images( at the same time).
Thanks great tutorial.

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