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 Meta Tags won\'t work for me?
 by HeyAwesomePeople - Jun 15, 2012

Hey there. I have a website( and the meta tags dont help with much at all.

Here's is the coding for my Meta Tags on the website.

<meta http-equiv="content-type" contect="text/html; charset=utf-8" <meta="" name="Description" content="Random-Craft is a minecraft server with nice staff and players. We keep our server updated and updated regularly. WE like to be as kind to people as we can. The server is 24/7 and has plugins like factions, nocheatplus, and essenatials. /&gt;

&lt;meta name=" keywords"="minecraft, server, funserver, fun, Happ, hap, randomcraft, random-craft, minecraftserver, randomcraftserver, HeyAwesomePeople, heyawesomepeople, simchip, m4a1airsoft, serverip,">
<title>Random Craft | A Minecraft Server</title>

That's what i have up there, and whenever i search something like "randomcraft" it wont show mine for pages! So how did this website get high up when you search it? Help please? Thanks!

United States
Joined:Jun 15, 2012
 RE: Meta Tags won\'t work for me?
 by KingDigital - Jun 28, 2012

Well you need more views on your pages like traffice take this site for example he gets good traffic so it is the first thing that comes up when I type in his name. The way you can get more traffic is by ad you place which can cost money which I have never done but it help the way I get traffic to my old sites is tell people to go to them and then make card and flyers is the easiest way so you have to get out there to increase your rank

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