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 Flash too fast on web site.
 by Kleenright - Jul 23, 2012

Hi All.

I'm new here so I hope you can bear with me. I followed a tutorial from this site for creating an Automatic image gallery. I found the tutorial to be really good to a lay person like me. I followed it to the letter, and when I test it its fine. However, when I upload it to my site the speed of the pictures are far too fast. Can anyone help please?

When I open the saved file on my computer its fine. On my site way too fast.

United Kingdom
Joined:Jul 23, 2012
 RE: Flash too fast on web site.
 by KingDigital - Jul 23, 2012

Well the content may be loading really fast due to it size the smaller the file type the fast it is...

I am nerd and I know it
United States of America
Joined:Jun 28, 2012
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