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 New iPhone
 by RiverCityGraphix - Jun 29, 2010

Has anyone bought or used the new iPhone? If so, would you recommend it? I have heard about the signal issues which is deterring me for the time being from buying one.

Here is a photo that shows how to eliminate that issue.

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United States
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 RE: New iPhone
 by Kizzie - Apr 04, 2012

blackberyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy has my vote!

I have an American one I bought overseas when I lived in the USA for 18months I unlocked it when I returned to Oz but the stupid thing is unless I sign up to another 24month contract I dont get to use all the blackberry features like going online etc! I think its stupid I would have thought I could pay for prepaid and have access to the net and email I mean come on people its the 21st century! :)

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