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 Books, Yay!
 by AA1995 - Jul 13, 2010

I like to read ALOT.

Post what books you really liked and why everyone else should read it and why you did.

Lemme Start: The Twilight Saga - I saw the commercial of the author stephenie meyer talking on a show, and i was all "OMG i gotta read it!" so for my 13th Birthday i got all four books, and i ended up reading them all :P You shoudl read it cause it's different i mean, for me i couldn't read ti again like most teens i mean sheesh im not that much liek a girl, but for a first time read...(or watch the movies, whatevs lol)

Shiver - I saw Kaleb Nation hosting it on his site, and the few videos of him ranting about each few chapters, i really wanted to read it, i got it 4 weeks ago and finished it in two weeks(not completely two, i mean i hardly ogt time to read it, lol xP) You should read it cause it's sexy. I swear it is O_O

Thast really all i care about ATM what books youve liked and why others shoudl read it. It might get rly interesting, i dunno.

United States
Joined:Jul 13, 2010
 RE: Books, Yay!
 by sayap - May 08, 2011

You should read books by Haruki Murakami. It's very interesting. :D

Joined:May 05, 2011
 RE: Books, Yay!
 by Kizzie - Apr 04, 2012

I got myself a kindle in America and just read tons of books a great quick funny and a witty guy meets girl book was 'Wife by Wednesday' by Catherine Bybee

The hunger games 1,2 and 3 arent too bad the movie was quite disappointing compared to the book -

a good series to read which is about like end of the world and situations like that some are quite dodgy but this book was VERY realistic called (Deep Winter Series by Thomas Sherry) part 1 'Deep winter', then 'Shatter' and 'Remnant'.

Joined:Apr 02, 2012
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